Urethane Concrete

For Extreme Conditions

Cementitious Urethane Mortars are the most robust coating solutions when it comes to extreme conditions. Urethane Mortars have an exceptional track record for dealing with thermal shock, heavy impacts, and harsh chemicals, acids and alkalis. There is no question that Urethane Mortars are the best solution when you need the utmost in durability. One of the key benefits of Urethane Mortar is its remarkably short install time. Minimal down time due to floor installations means increased savings for our clients. The installation process depending on floor size can take as little as a single day from preparation to being back into production.

Urethane Concrete is a great solution to the most rigorous flooring needs. Some examples of where Urethane Concrete works well are: kitchens, areas with harsh chemical exposure, areas that undergo regular thermal shock, areas that require steam cleaning, factories, wet environments, etc.

Urethane Concrete is generally installed in 2 phases

Phase 1: Preparation

Preparation of the concrete is essential to the longevity of any coating application. This stage is where any existing adhesives, coatings, or loose material is removed from the substrate via mechanical diamond grinding. This process opens the pores of the concrete and removing the top most layer of the substrate will allow for better adhesion and penetration for the self priming Urethane Mortar. Once all loose material has been removed and the floor has an appropriate profile achieved from the grinding process it must be vacuumed to remove dust and contaminants.

Phase 2: Installation

Urethane Mortars self priming material is hand troweled into place. Its self priming properties allow for same day turnover of an exceptionally functional surface.