Epoxy Flake System

Decorative Finishings

Epoxy Flake Systems are a great solution for clients in need of a decorative finish. Colour Flakes can be blended into an almost infinite combination of colours, sizes, and textures to provide a truly unique decorative finish. Epoxy Flake floors provide all the benefits of a standard Epoxy Coating while adding longevity, and beauty.

Epoxy Flake Systems are a great solution for many common flooring needs with the added benefit of beautiful aesthetics. Some examples of where Flake Systems work well are: garages, showrooms, dealerships, factories, kitchens, traffic lanes, warehouses, clean rooms, wet environments, basements, vestibules etc.

The Process

Phase 1: Preparation

Preparation of the concrete is essential to the longevity of any epoxy coating application. This stage is where any existing adhesives, coatings, or loose material is removed from the substrate via mechanical diamond grinding. This process opens the pores of the concrete and removing the top most layer of the substrate will allow for better adhesion and penetration for the primer in Phase 2. Once all loose material has been removed and the floor has an appropriate profile achieved from the grinding process, it must be vacuumed to remove dust and contaminants.

Phase 2: Patch, Prime, and Broadcast

At this stage in the Epoxy coating process the floor has been prepped and cleaned, ready for a penetrating primer to seal the concrete and provide purchase for the following coat(s). First any cracks, ruts, spalling, and saw cuts must be addressed with an epoxy paste to achieve a smooth consistent finish, once dry and sanded the primer is applied. While wet, a layer of colour Flakes are broadcast into the material and allowed to dry.

Phase 3: Body coat and Broadcast

Once the primer has cured, all excess Flakes are then cleared from the surface, and any imperfections are cleaned up.A Body coat is then applied, and another layer of Flakes are broadcast into the material and allowed to dry.

Phase 4: Top Coat(s)

Finally, once the body coat has cured, the final coat or coats of epoxy are applied to the surface to lock in the colour Flakes and achieve the desired texture.