Bedrock Floors arrived at the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) branch located in Midland, Ontario just after Greystone Construction completed installing the roof on a new kennel addition. We were hired to paint the ceiling and the concrete block walls, and to install an epoxy flooring system.

The ceiling was composite wooden I-Joists and OSB that were lightly treated to protect them from weather during construction. In order for our ceiling paint to adhere properly, we first had to prime the joists with oil paint. On our first day on site, we set up a bakers scaffold and applied the oil primer to the ceiling, working around several other trades throughout the day. The next day we applied flat latex drywall ceiling paint over the primer in the colour preference of the architect.

Once we had completed the ceiling, we proceeded to paint the concrete block walls. We coated the concrete block with latex block filler to seal the surface and then applied two coats of latex paint to match the existing building’s interior colour. All of the painting was complete after four days; extra drying time was allotted due to low interior temperatures.

During the painting process the HVAC contractor installed the heating system. We left the site for a few days to allow the general contractor to clear, heat, and dry the floor area before we continued with the flooring installation.

At the base of the block walls we troweled a 1″ radius cove base to accommodate drainage for when the kennels are cleaned. First, we hand ground around all of the block wall perimeters to remove paint debris and to prepare for the cove installation. With the cove base installed and with the rest of the trades out of the room, we were able to continue with the epoxy floor installation.

Diamond grinding equipment was used to prepare the concrete slab for the epoxy coating and the floor was thoroughly vacuumed. Before we applied the prime coat, we mixed up and applied epoxy crack filler gel to patch the control joints and some minor imperfections in the surface. The prime coat was applied over the whole area and left to cure for 12 hours.

On our last day on site, we applied the finish coat of epoxy onto the floor, the coves, and 4″ up the block walls to complete the flooring system. The OSPCA staff and Greystone Construction are ecstatic with the look of the space now that we are done and they can hardly wait to use the space for the dogs!

We had a great time working with Greystone Construction and the staff at OSPCA and we look forward to working with them again on future projects!