D.W. Tuck Construction Services Inc. in Barrie, Ontario contacted us to provide a custom coloured epoxy coating for a future tenant at their newly constructed industrial plaza. We provided our estimate, matched the custom colour, and were on site the following week, since the tenant was due to move in at the end of that week. The floor area to be coated spanned two industrial units, to be installed one week apart.

On-site within days to accommodate move-in schedule

The first step of the project, as with any epoxy coating job, was to prepare the concrete slab. This particular slab was new and impregnated with fibreglass, so we used diamond grinding equipment to introduce a profile for our coating to bond to and used a propane torch to burn off any fibres exposed during the grinding process.

Patched control joints, spalling and cracks

Once the floor surface was prepared, we cleaned out the control joints, installed backer-rod and applied epoxy crack filler gel. We also patched several pin-holes, spalling, and cracks throughout the floor area.

By the next day the crack filler gel and patching material had cured enough for us to sand off the high spots and to finish preparing the floor for a prime coat of epoxy by removing any dust. The prime coat was applied and left to cure overnight.

On the third day, we thoroughly sanded the prime coat to remove any imperfections and put down a smooth, consistent topcoat.

Hired for additional work while on-site

We were scheduled to complete the second unit the following week but our start date was moved due to various construction related delays. However, during this time we were contracted by D.W. Tuck to paint the walls in the second unit. We primed and painted the walls in the second unit that following week and then continued to install the epoxy coating in that unit just we described for the first area.

While we worked for D.W. Tuck, we were also asked by the tenant to provide a concrete sealer for their storage room that would keep the slab from dusting. We installed the concrete sealer while on-site for the second unit epoxy coating.