5000 square foot office building Exposed Aggregate Polished Concrete

Check out Episode 2 of Concrete Profile™, featuring Bedrock Floors. In this video we install an exposed aggregate polished concrete floor in a 5000 square foot office building. This project presented us with a number of challenges that could have affected the quality of a polished concrete install. However, in this video we show you how we overcame those challenges and delivered a stunning floor!

Mark Rossi is the owner of Rossi Abrasives, our diamond tooling supplier. Rossi’s line of diamond abrasive tooling is an integral part of Bedrock Floors workflow. We would not have been able to achieve the level of aggregate exposure of this project without Rossi’s tooling.

Bedrock Floors would like to thank Mark Rossi for choosing us for latest episode of Concrete Profile. We are looking forward to the next episode, this will be a tough one to top!

“Concrete Profile™ is an all new web series that gives professionals in the concrete floor grinding, coating and polishing industry an insider’s look at the complexities of concrete projects. Each episode profiles a new project, exploring every process, analyzing every problem, and highlighting every solution. See it all, from start to finish!”

– Mark Rossi

In this episode of Concrete Profile watch Bedrock floors transform a less than ideal newly poured concrete floor slab into a floor the building owner will be able to enjoy for decades. We battle through inclement weather delays and a multitude of other issues on this site. Watch the video to see how we handled the situation and learned a ton of valuable information to take into our future endeavours.