Through many years of experience, Bedrock’s installers have used a wide variety of equipment to mitigate the dust produced during coating preparation and concrete polishing; everything from a simple dust mask to a 15 horse-power industrial vacuum.

In the concrete polishing industry, there are several manufacturers that offer both diamond grinding machines and dust control equipment. When we started our business, we chose to procure our vacuum system from a company that specializes in dust collection rather than concrete polishing. Dust Control Canada has a warehouse and office right in our backyard and they offer unparalleled customer service and support for their equipment. We had worked with Dust Control equipment several times prior to our start-up, and they never disappointed. We chose the DC5800c 10HP 3-Phase unit as our primary dust control system and we couldn’t be happier. The DC5800c keeps up with our 30” diameter diamond grinder even during the most aggressive concrete preparation situations. The unit’s cyclone, pre-separator, and certified HEPA filter ensure that no dust ends up in the air, in our lungs, or anywhere in our client’s facilities.

Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

We use our primary dust collection system, from Dust Control Canada, for polished concrete, coating removal, concrete preparation for epoxy coatings, and in any situation where our diamond grinding machine or aggressive hand tools are running. However, often we do not have access to three-phase power, and we have to rely on equipment that runs on standard single-phase power. In these situations, we previously relied on a shop vacuum from one of the big box hardware stores, as is the industry standard for smaller hand tool work. After several months of constantly changing filters and emptying the shop vacuum bin, creating far too much airborne dust, we decided to upgrade our secondary dust collection system.

Dust Control Canada sent their service technician over to our job site with a brand new DC3900c Twin for us to try out. We ran the new machine along side our 7” hand grinder as we prepped the perimeter of a 5000 square foot building. The DC3900c’s integrated pre-separator, cyclone filter, and HEPA filter kept the dust from the aggressive 7” grinder at bay, and we purchased the vacuum on the spot. Since getting the new secondary dust collection system, we find ourselves wondering how we ever made it by without it.

Certified H.E.P.A Filtration

H.E.P.A stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. So 99.97% of the particulate that makes it past the the vacuum’s pre-separator or cyclone filter is captured in the HEPA filter and does not end up in the air. In our experience, under regular operation, we have found very little particulate built up in our HEPA filters, meaning that the efficiency of the vacuum design has filtered out the particulate prior to reaching the HEPA filter.

We have had the opportunity to work in several different facilities that produce food and/or beverages, where it is particularly important to ensure that no airborne dust contaminates the production. Thanks to Dust Control Canada we are able to work in any environment without concern that our process will pose a risk to a facilities products or employees.