“Our company was introduced to Floyd Sutton & Bedrock Floors last August 2015. We had Bedrock Floors do the floors in one of our projects. Their work was great. We like it so much that when we moved our head office we had Bedrock Floors do our floors. Easy to maintain and they look great. Would recommend them to anyone.”

– Dennis Tuck, President

D.W. Tuck Construction Services Inc. happened to be moving into a new office space located right next to this previous project.

Polished Concrete instead of Ceramic Tile

They were leaning towards a more typical ceramic tile type flooring solution for their space. However, with a little persuasion and a proposal price that was hard to beat, we were able to convince them that polished concrete was the way to go!

Once their perimeter walls were drywalled and electricity was provided in the office space, we spent two short days transforming the plain concrete slab into a beautiful floor.

We filled the control joints with polyurea joint filler, sealed the concrete with liquid densifier and polished the floor up to a high-gloss 3000grit finish!

Soon after we finished polishing the floor, the drywall contractors were back  to complete the partition walls and the finishing touches on the space are soon to follow.

Stands up to finishing trades

One of the many benefits of polished concrete floors is their innate durability. We are completely confident that our floor will stand up to the abuse of interior finishings still to be done in the office space.

As usual, it was an absolute pleasure to work with D.W. Tuck and we look forward to working with them again in the future!